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Gardening For Others

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

I never have enough time for my own garden. Sometimes, I am simply overwhelmed by the number of weeds, or plants sitting in their pots from the nursery that I haven't planted yet. When I don't know where to start, I frequently call my friends and offer to do a little work in their yard to get me motivated.

This just happened last weekend. I went outside and tucked against the Northeastern wall of my house were 2 one-gallon Yankee Point Ceonothus, 2 five-gallon Dark Star Ceonothus (in tree form!), two bare root Almond trees, 1 four- foot tall Apricot I had transplanted when we put our new retaining wall in, and 1 one-gallon PeeGee Hydranges that is likely dead.

I couldn't bear to decide then and there where to put all of these plants and trees....that was the case six months ago when I acquired them. So I did what I do best, avoided by going to my girlfriends house and pulling her spring weeds.

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